Some of my adventures:

  • Former Secretary and Treasurer of the San Francisco Orchid Society. (SFOS)

  • Co-founder of Fun, Food, & Theater - San Francisco social group.

  • Founder of Bay Area Queer Writers Group (BAQWG) (2003).

  • Founder of PT-PT Productions. The company focuses on the production of mid-
    life films.  

  • Produced, wrote, and directed the film ‘40’ (2004).

  • Wrote and produced the film ‘Stella’, a tribute to the America Film Institute's
    (AFI) list of the best US movies quotes (2007).

  • Joined multiple Improv workshops through the American Conservatory Theatre
    (ACT), New Conservatory Theatre Center (NCTC), and San Francisco Comedy

  • Continue improving my film production skills through the San Francisco Digital
    Film School and other venues.

  • Continue screen and play writing.  SeeWriting’ for a listing of my stories.
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Gerald LaBuda