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Gerald LaBuda
Scripts 15-20:

15.  Straight on Paper
Peter, a gay man, realizes that he has no ‘Gay’ identify and decides to change that.

Ten Men in Eight Weeks
While on an assignment in Europe, Trevor meets ten interesting men in eight weeks.

Ten Years in a Life
Three college friends make individual list of goals that they will make during their life.  The three
meet every ten years to evaluate where they are in their life long accomplishments.

Tight Quarters
During the last hour prior to a space shuttle takeoff, an astronaut is replaced.  This is a story
about the impact of this replacement on the crew and the mission.

Trading Jobs
A New York advertising executive pretends he is gay to impress the board so he can prove he is
the next in line to take over the company.

Characters in an Unemployment office explain why their previous jobs failed.