Favorite Films

My current top 10 favorite films:
  1. Brokeback Mountain
  2. Dangerous Liaisons
  3. Four Weddings and a Funeral
  4. Godfather
  5. Gosforth Park
  6. Nothing Hill
  7. Sound of Music
  8. The Hours
  9. The King’s Speech
  10. West Side Story

Checkout the book
Cinescopes by Risa Williams and Ezra Werb to see what your favorite
movies reveal about you.  

My Cinescope Profile is an “Enlightened Healer”

Enlightened Healers provide inspiration in an otherwise dismal world.  Their ability to
care for others and their nonjudgmental attitude make them perfect companions to a
variety of counterparts.  They are wise and altruistic heroes who truly believe in the
goodness of people no matter what they’ve seen or heard.  But who is this hero, other than
a sympathetic ear?  No one quite knows.  Perhaps their air of mystery comes from a
complicated past that they seldom share.  They’re carried around regret, and now, in the
face of a complete stranger, it haunts them.  Ultimately, Enlightened Healers must learn
how to forgive themselves so that they, in turn, can be healed.
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Gerald LaBuda